How to find email addresses

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Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer owns a small business that produces unique flower vases to supply flower shops throughout North America.

Jennifer's business has been in the family for the last 20 years. Now that Jennifer is the owner, she feels like she needs to expand her business to reach more customers. She knows sending emails to potential customers is the most cost effective way to spread the word about her unique products and start business relationships with flower shops.

Jennifer is having difficulty finding emails for flower shops in the cities and states she wants to market to.

Google for keywords and target market location

Jennifer starts by Googling for keywords, cities, and states for the market she is trying to target

Jennifer knows there are associations and contact directories on the internet that have listings of email addresses. The market she is targeting is the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. She types in search phrases like the following to see if she can find those associations and directories in that area.

  • Illinois flower shop association
  • Illinois flower shop directory
  • Illinois flower shop directory pdf
  • Chicago flower shop directory
  • Chicago flower shop directory pdf
Google keywords
Found results

Jennifer found a bunch of directories and associations

After looking through the results that were returned in Google, Jennifer found a lot of web pages and PDF's that have email addresses

Now that Jennifer has found web pages and PDF's with her target market's email addresses, she needs to get the email addresses and enter them into her email marketing application.

Jennifer starts by going through the first few web pages and PDF's and manually looks for each email address. Once she finds an email address, she copies and pastes it into an Excel file. She finds that some PDF's have hundreds of email addresses in them. It takes her many hours to get all the email addresses from just a few web pages and PDF's.

Jennifer feels good that she has started to build a solid email list but also feels very tired after spending many hours manually looking for email addresses.

Jennifer finds out about the Email Extractor

Jennifer finds out from a friend that had the same problem that there is a better and faster way

Jennifer finds out about the Email Extractor from OnFocus Marketing. She signs up for a free trial which gives her 10 free searches.

During her trial period, she decides to use the Email Extractor on the same web pages and PDF's where she already gathered the email addresses. To her amazement, the Email Extractor retrieved the same email addresses in a few seconds as compared to a few hours it took her to manually go through the web pages and PDF's.

She also noticed that the Email Extractor actually returned more email addresses because she had missed a few.

Discover the Email Extractor

Jennifer signs up for the 3 month subscription

After seeing how much time she saved, Jennifer signed up for the 3 month subscription

Jennifer saw how the Email Extractor saved her a lot of time and allowed her to build her email list exponentially faster than manually doing it. It also was more accurate and removed any duplicate email addresses.

She sent out an email campaign to her new target market in the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. She has had some responses and has already started establishing some new promising business relationships with flower shops in the area.